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Living in Laguna Hills may be expensive, but it also comes with the advantage of having sunshine over 300 days a year. One way to help offset the cost of living in Orange County is to start producing your own energy by installing a Solar System at your home. No longer will you be beholden to SDG&E or SoCal edison, and their exorbitant energy rates. Now you can become your own energy company, and even sell some of your excess energy back to the companies you used to have to pay. Sounds like a pretty good deal right?!?

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Did you know that there are different types of solar systems? 

Residential Solar

Residential solar systems allow home owners to become their own power company. Instead of having your home suck energy from the grid you can harness the energy produced by the sun, and store any unused energy in a battery for night when there is no sun to provide you with power.  

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation is quite simply the process of installing solar panels on your roof or side yard, and then hooking those solar panels up to your homes electrical system. Whether you purchase your solar panels from us or already have some we can help you get your panels professionally installed.

Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems can be a huge opprotunity for small business owners. If you are a small business owner, and own the building where your office is then you should definitely look into the advantages of adding solar to your commercial building.

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Solar Laguna Hills 

Orange County, California

When you live in Laguna Hills sunny days are pretty much a given, which is a great reason why this region is an ideal one for having solar power systems installed. Just take a moment to look outside, if you do then there's a good chance that it's sunny and warm. While enjoying that sunshine is one of the benefits of living in Laguna Hills, you can do more than just soak it up and work on your tan. You can harvest all of that abundant sunshine and use it to power your home or business. The point here is that the sun is going to keep on shining everyday so there really isn't a good reason that you shouldn't be taking advantage of it. You can use that sunshine to power your home or business which will save you money in the short term and in the long term as well. On top of the financial benefits you will also be part of the solution instead of the problem when it comes to protecting the environment. The bottom line is that if you live in Laguna Hills there really is not a good reason that you shouldn't be taking advantage of the many benefits of solar power.


Unless You Have A Solar Power System Your Electric Bill Will Never Go Away

If you are interested in getting a solar power system that means that you are likely a homeowner. You are likely a homeowner because you realized that renting a place to live is just throwing money away. You pay your rent each month and then in 20 or 30 years what do you get to do? You get to keep on paying your rent. On the other hand if you buy a home then in 20 or 30 years you will make your final home payment and then you get to enjoy your home from that point onward without having to pay for it. If you take the time to look at a solar power system using these same concepts then it should be pretty clear that investing in a solar power system is the smart way to prepare yourself for the future. Instead of just paying the electric company forever you can make payments toward your solar power system that in time will be paid off. Then what happens? Well, you get to keep enjoying the electricity your solar system generates from that point onward without having to pay for it. When you stop to think about it this way then it should be pretty clear that solar power is the smart way to provide for your electricity needs.

Advances In Solar Panel Technology Have Made Solar Power More Affordable Than Ever Before

When solar panels were first created their pricing was so high that it seemed as if this promising technology would never be made available to the majority of the population. The good news is that over time the cost of solar panels has dropped significantly as advances in the technology and in the manufacturing process have occurred. While solar panels are still expensive, they are nowhere near as expensive as they once were, which means that more and more people can now afford them. While the cost is still too high to pay cash for them for the majority of the population, it is now possible to finance a solar power system and have monthly payments that are affordable for most people. Does this mean that you should keep waiting for the prices to go down in the future before you invest in a solar power system? In a word, no. While the cost of solar panels is likely to go down in the future as technology continues to improve, that doesn't mean you should be waiting to have your solar system installed. Each month that you make a payment to the electric company instead of on your solar system is the equivalent of flushing money down the toilet. In fact the odds of solar panel technology dropping in price in the near future to an extent that it makes it worth waiting is slim to none. Sure in a decade or more the cost may be lower, but if you had invested in a solar power system today then after a decade it would likely be halfway paid off. So even if the cost of a solar power system will be lower in the future that doesn't mean it's worth waiting on.

Solar Power Is Becoming More And More Common

Take a moment to walk outside and look around and chances are you will see a solar power system on the roof of a nearby home or business. In fact chances are pretty good that you will see more than one. That's because more and more people and businesses are starting to see how beneficial solar power can be for them. On top of that the lower costs of solar panels today, combined with the numerous state and federal tax credits and other benefits provided makes solar power more accessible today than ever before. If you are ready to see what solar can do for you then take the time to do some research today and reach out to a solar power company to see all that they can do for you. If you still aren't convinced that solar power is the way to go, then take a moment to think about where you will be in life in a few decades. Chances are you will be looking forward to retirement, and that's a time in your life where you want to have as few expenses as possible since you will no longer have income from your job. In an ideal world your mortgage will be paid off so you won't have to worry about those payments anymore. But if you don't invest in a solar power system today then one bill you will be stuck with forever is your electric bill. So is this an ideal scenario or would it make much more sense to have that bill be a thing of the past? While you may not like paying your electric bill today it's something you can handle because you are working. But when you are retired and living on a fixed income not having that monthly electric bill can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

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