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August 7, 2017

Solar Laguna Beach

Debating about whether or not having a solar power system installed in your home in Laguna Beach? Well, there are so many benefits to going solar that once you learn about them it should make your decision and easy one. Some people make the decision to go solar because they want to help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and help protect the environment. Other people decide to go solar for the monetary benefits. The good news is that anyone that has a solar power system installed in their home will actually be able to enjoy both benefits. Going solar can save you a lot of money by locking in your rates and in many cases allowing you to pay off your solar system instead of endlessly paying the electric company.  Not only will you have to keep paying the electric company forever if you don't get a solar power system, you will also end up paying them more money each year. In fact over the last two years the cost of electricity has risen roughly 4% per year

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If you are trying to understand the futile nature of paying for electricity forever, then just imagine what it would be like any other type of major purchase. Would you ever buy a car knowing that you could never pay it off, and on top of that each year the payments would go up a little more? Of course, you wouldn't, so why you do do this for electricity. In the past people had few choices or options and were forced to either live in the dark or pay the electric company what they wanted. Today more advanced technology has changed this by allowing more affordable and efficient solar panels to be developed. While still on the high end in terms of price, they are still by far a better option than simply paying an ever increasing electric bill forever. If you are ready to break this cycle and have your own solar power system installed, then read the following 4 steps that you should expect if you decide that it's time to go solar.

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1. Contact Different Solar Power Companies in Laguna Beach For Pricing

Before you do anything else you need to get the ball rolling, and you can only do that by contacting different solar power companies. Whether you pick up the phone and make a call, or you communicate via email, you need to reach out to different solar power companies to get the process started. It is absolutely essential that you don't accept the first offer that sounds good to you without comparing it with what other companies can offer you. If you do this then you have no point of reference, that means you have no idea if the offer you are accepting is fair to you. It might be, in fact it may be a great offer. But if you don't look around a little bit you have no way of knowing. The last thing you want to have happen is to accept an offer only to find out shortly afterward that there were better offers available.

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During your initial communication with solar power companies, you should also talk to them about the differences between financing and leasing your solar power system. Leasing your solar power system will often give you a little bit lower monthly payment, which is appealing to some people. Buying your solar power system will probably cost you a bit more on a monthly basis, but in the end, you will have your solar power system paid off, which is appealing to more people. So make sure that you weigh your options and make the right choice for you and your family.

2. Determining How Much Electricity You Will Need

Once you feel comfortable with a solar power company the next step will be to share your electric bill with them. Many people are uneasy about providing any personal financial information to anyone and with identity theft a major concern that uneasiness is warranted. But what you have to realize is that in order to design a solar system for you that will take care of your needs a solar power company needs to look at your power usage. They will want to see how much your bill varies depending on the season, and how much electricity you use during a normal month.

3. Designing The Right Size Solar Power System For You

After getting a copy of your electric bill the solar company will next take a look at different options they can offer to you. They will need to look at the roof of your house to see how much direct sunlight is shining on it. In homes in sunny areas with no obstructions blocking the sunlight a home will need fewer panels than a home were sunshine is not as prevalent. Whatever you do here it's important that you take the advice of the solar power company. As long as you have chosen a reputable company they should be giving you sound advice. If you are concerned that what they are telling you isn't right you can always call another solar company out and get their pitch.


4. Installation Time

The final step in getting your solar power system up and running is going to be the installation process. This is the part when the time you spent researching and talking to different solar power companies is going to pay off. It's because of the time you spent doing your homework that you can now sit back and let the professionals do their jobs. One important thing to keep in mind is the fact that you or a responsible adult will need to be home during the installation. You will also likely have to go without power for a short period of time while your system in connected to the power grid. Once everything is done you will now be enjoying electricity from an environmentally friendly source, that also has the added benefit of being good for your bank account. Going solar is much easier than most people realize, so don't wait around any longer and get started on the process today.

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