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August 9, 2017

Ready To Go Solar In Mission Viejo, CA

Have you looked around your neighborhood in Mission Viejo, CA and noticed that more and more homes around you have solar panels on their roofs? Have you wondered about how going solar may benefit you but you are too intimidated by the process that you haven't done anything about it yet? Well there's some great news for you, going solar really is a breeze. You simply spend a little time figuring out which company to go with, then sit back and let them get to work. Going solar offers a lot of benefits and that's the reason why you are probably noticing more and more solar panels in your neighborhood. In addition to helping the environment, going solar will also save you thousands of dollars.  How exactly does that work? It works because electricity rates go up every year, this past year they are about 4% higher than last year.  The great news is that when you go solar you are essentially locking in your electric costs so you never have to worry about rate increases.

You may be wondering how taking on a monthly lease, or a long term finance plan may save you money. If you are then you aren't alone, it's a question many people have when they are thinking about going solar. Well try thinking of it this way, right now you pay the electric company every month right? You also pay more now than you did in the past because rates have gone up as well right? Well when you lease or finance a solar power system your monthly payment will generally be lower than you pay to the power company, and it will remain fixed over time. So you really aren't taking on another monthly payment, you are in essence changing who you pay your money to. Your electric bill goes down to a tiny amount, and you pay on a solar power system that will ultimately be yours if you choose to finance it.

At this point the benefits of going solar should be quite obvious. Lower monthly payments, fixed electric rates, and in the event that you buy your solar power system you will end up with free electricity at some point in the future. With all of these benefits the average person would be ready to jump in, but that same average person may not have a good understanding of how that process works. The following are the 4 steps you have to take in order to get solar power for your home.

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1. Pick Up The Phone

The first thing you need to do to get started on the process of going solar is to pick up your phone and make some phone calls. You need to call around and speak to several different solar power companies so that you can compare prices and options. You should definitely talk to them about different payment plans, warranties, and also make sure that they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Once you have all of these things established you can get a quote from each company to see what it will cost you to have them install our solar system. Since these are preliminary quotes you have to keep in mind that they are only estimates of what your cost should be. With that being said if a quote comes up far different from the actual price you are quoted before installation you should question them as to why. The bottom line here is you need to take your time, contact several solar power companies, and then make a decision on which company you want to go with.

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2. Figure Out Your Electricity Needs

Now is the time when you want to get a solar system that will fall into the Goldilocks zone. What does that mean exactly? It means you need to have a solar power system designed that will meet your needs. This should include a system that doesn't produce too little electricity so you have to pay for it from the power company. It also means that you shouldn't have a solar power system that produces too much electricity. Why would too much be a problem? Because the amount of money you earn in credits won't add up to nearly enough to cover the additional costs of solar panels. At least not for a long, long time. Solar panels are expensive so you don't want to be paying for more than you need.

3. Building The Right Size Solar Array

Once your energy needs have been determined it's time for the solar power company to earn their money. At this point they will look at your energy needs then figure out how to build a solar power system that will cover them. They will have to look at how much sunshine you get where you live, as well as looking at the size and shape of your roof, and anything that could obstruct sunlight. They use the data you provide them regarding your electricity needs to figure out how to design a solar power system that takes into account the aforementioned variables. After a few days the solar power company will get back in touch with you with a firm quote as well as a firm design for your solar power system. Now all that's left is to wait for step 4, the installation.

4. The Installation

This is the final step in the process of getting solar power, and for you it's the easiest one. You've already done all the hard work and research, now the professionals will take over. One thing you will have to do is make sure that you, or another adult, is home when the solar power installation is scheduled. The technicians will need access to your home and roof, so that means you need to spend some time at home that day. The good news is the disruption in your life really will be quite minimal, and will culminate in having to have your electricity shut off for a short period of time. Installation can be done in a day, or several days depending on the size of the job, but once it's done you will be ready to start enjoying the benefits of solar power.

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