Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Whether you’ve decided to get solar panels for your home or business, you’ve made a great choice. Solar panels are a fantastic way to take control of the largest source of energy we have at our disposal today—the sun. But how does the installation process work? Any of your questions can be answered here. If you’ve ever been curious about how this process works, you’re about to be in for a treat. Let’s get started.

How Many Solar Panels Will I Need?

First, you need to know if you’re getting solar panels for your home, or for your business. There are different types of panels. If you’re looking to replace your energy usage on the electric company, and actually power your home using just solar energy, you’ll need to look closely at your standard energy bill. Most of them have information on your annual wattage use. This will help in determining exactly what you need to continue without disrupting your lifestyle or business model.

What If There Isn’t Enough Sunlight In My Area?

You’ll be able to utilize these panels even in low-sunlight areas. If you boast a large number of panels, they’ll all act properly when they do get a bit of sunlight, and immediately start storing renewable energy for you to use. You can find data on your specific area that will tell you if your geographical location encounters a healthy level of sunlight. Even if your home or business is in the shade or under cloudy skies, the benefits of solar panels can still have a large impact on how you conduct your business, or lower the wattage use on your home.

Besides Weather, What Else Can Lower My Solar Energy Capabilities?

Solar panels don’t operate at 100% efficiency at every hour of the day. You get different levels of sunlight as the day progresses, and other variables that also apply to your solar energy usage. If you notice a large dip in efficiency, you need someone trustworthy to evaluate your system and decide if it’s a hardware issue—which we can fix—or if it’s simply been a rough patch of weather, and you’re not getting your optimal amount of solar energy. Those bright, sunny days with visibly no clouds are going to be your best friend when harnessing solar energy.

What Is My Daily Average?

You can search and find calculators that will require small amounts of data—usually gathered from your electric bill—to determine what the ideal amount of wattage you use on a daily basis is. This is an excellent tool, and many have specific questions to better determine the probability of increased requirements for solar energy. For instance, if your business has large-scale machines running off of solar power, but you don’t use them all the time, calculators could help you determine when you are using them, and prepare you.

What Comes With The Installation?

In total, we’ll be installing four separate components to outfit your home or business. Solar panels sit on a racking system, and have an inverter to direct captured energy to the solar power monitoring system, and eventually, into the energy bank for your home. All of these components are necessary for us to install the actual solar panels, so you can start utilizing solar power today.

How Long Does The Installation Process Take?

For commercial properties, it fully depends on the size of the project. For residential area, such as homes or apartment buildings, it generally takes one or two days per roof. The process of installing the solar panels and affixing them to the roof is something these workers do every day, so they’ve become quite good at it. It won’t take too long at all.

I Have A Flat Roof; Can I Still Get Solar Panels?

Yes, you can. This process is slightly longer than installation on a traditional steeple-styled roof, and still gives you the great power absorption without risking any quality at all. We’ll angle them on secure stands, so that you can still utilize the power of solar energy, no matter what your roof style is.

Is An Installation Disruptive To My Life?

Not at all. We understand that your business still has to function during an installation, or that your home is still, well, your home. We won’t let life get in the way of doing a spectacular job installing your new solar system, and we are able to work with your daily schedule. It’s never been easier to get your solar panels installed.

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